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"I am wholeheartedly recommending Physician Claim Corp for your podiatry billing needs. I started with them in 2005 while I was employed by another podiatrist. When I started my own practice 2 years ago, I did not hesitate to sign up with Physician Claim Corp myself"

"There are several reasons why Physician Claim Corp is such a great service. Each employee is very knowledgeable about all aspects of podiatry billing because they focus solely on podiatry. They charge a reasonable rate for all the work they do. They are there for you when you or your patients have billing questions. They are very courteous and professional."

-Lori Finn, D.P.M.
"I have used four billing services and PCC is by far the best."

-Texas Podiatry Practice
"PCC has made a huge difference because they understand Podiatry billing."

-Florida Podiatry Practice
"In short, we are 100% satisfied with PCC."

-New York Podiatry Practice
"PCC not only helped me get my practice up and running, it also helped me to focus on the practice of podiatry, not the insurance details."

-Iowa Podiatry Practice
"Our accounts receivable are the lowest they've ever been since using PCC's services."

-Florida Podiatry Practice
"We are so happy with the work and follow-up that PCC does, that we asked them to continue to do our billing after we moved our practice to Florida."

-Florida Podiatry Practice
"I am so impressed with the accountability of PCC. I'm sold on using a billing service instead of trying to do this in-house."

-Illinois Podiatry Practice
"PCC can be described as: honest, reliable, flexible, accurate and effective. Their services are totally reasonable and affordable. PCC's motto is 'we take care of your business so you can take care of your patients' - and this is very fitting."

-Vermont/New Hampshire Podiatry Practice