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How it works

  • Mail/e-mail or use our free HIPAA-compliant portal to upload charges and EOB copies as often as desired
  • We can work with any EMR
  • Claims processed within 2 business days of receipt
  • All insurance and patient payments go directly to Provider
  • Cost per claim includes:
  • 1. electronic submissions of up to 6 charges per claim (or manual if no electronic available)
    2. any subsequent resubmissions
    3. any secondary/tertiary submissions
    4. up to 3 patient statements
    5. any Medicare / insurance reviews / appeals
    6. all insurance follow-up
    7. monthly practice analysis reports
    8. toll-free # for patient / provider use
    9. all postage
    10. all clearinghouse charges
    11. all insurance / patient refund letters